Depression Diaries

…. what, I took it too far? too morbid? Well now that I did, lets just keep it going. I am sure we will get over it as we go.

Mental health has in recent years gotten the attention and acknowledgement it should’ve gotten decades ago. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining, I am however still not sure how appropriate it is to talk openly talk about Depression. Wow! just saying it out loud, it is empowering.

Not too long ago Depression was considered a myth, in some cultures it’s still not accepted as a real thing even, I happen to come from one of these cultures. Some generations still struggle to understand it, and what they do not understand, they fear. Few years ago for me to even utter the word ‘Depression’ was like saying ‘Voldemort’,     (# harry potter reference) as if I am giving this demon more power by just saying it’s name. God knows! I do not want to go back to those times.

I have been thinking of starting this series for quite a while now. Though science and medicine are making decent progress in educating the masses about mental health and researching more about what causes and cures mental health disorders, can I please get an Amen when I say, “those who do not suffer from it, do not understand it?”

I am sorry for being so harsh and a lot of you won’t even agree with me, to which I say you don’t have to, it okay we can agree to disagree. I want to do this for myself and for a lot of others like me that are victim of these unfortunate conditions.

Let me tell you what I hope to achieve out of this series, I hope to address some basic issues and day-to-day challenges that a person suffering from depression and anxiety faces and hope that some day, just may be someday others will finally start understanding it. I also, hope that other people suffering from various kinds of depression can one day stop treating the word ‘Depression’ like ‘Voldemort’, I hope they can come out and talk about this, with me or with anyone really, talking helps and I know that doesn’t feel easy so may be writing will help, who knows, may be.

I am going to go ahead and tell you my story, my struggles and I would really love it if you would want to share your story with me, personally or on this platform (whichever suits you). Lets Talk! and lets tell them or more so, show them that Superheroes exist….

” like a Warrior fighting in the dark, with the darkness, to let in that one ray of light that carries the Hope of a better Tomorrow.”