Happy Diwali (Shubh Deepavali….!)

Nothin’ beats a Festive Diwali Morning that starts by waking up to the sweet sound of a Flute paired with the Melodious sound of a Sitar and very subtle Mridangam and Santoor in the background….
The smell of musk and sandalwood fragrance’d incense followed by texts and calls of Diwali wishes from Friends and Family….

Diwali, the only time when the lack of Morning sunlight is compensated by the wait for an evening that will be lit by Diyas and decorative lights….
The richness of the sometimes overwhelming joy when all that is not well is forgotten is simply marvelous, when smiles and sweet words find their way on everyone’s lips and calorie counting takes a back seat….

May the lights of this Diwali, that is a celebration of the victory of Good over Evil, eliminate all the shadows and bring to Light Everything that makes You Smile…..!!!!

Shubh Deepavali Everyone!!!!

Saibaba temple Panjim
Saibaba temple Panjim





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